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Ordre : Primates
Sous ordre ou groupe : Simiens
Super famille : Platyrhiniens

Famille : Hapalidae
Genre Espèce Sous Espèce
  Ouistiti à tête jaune
Callithrix flaviceps
Buffy-headed Marmoset, White-eared Marmoset, White-headed Marmoset
Ouistiti à pinceaux (ou toupet) blancs
Callithrix jacchus
Common Marmoset, Tufted-Ear Marmoset, White-Tufted-Ear Marmoset
  Ouistiti à pinceau noir
Callithrix penicillata
Black-pencilled Marmoset, Black-plumed Marmoset, Black-tufted-ear Marmoset

Callithrix kuhlii
Weid's Black-tufted-ear Marmoset
  Oustiti a Oreilles Blanches, Ouistiti oreillard, Marmouset a Oreilles Blances
Callithrix aurita
Buffy-tufted-ear Marmoset, White-eared Marmoset
Ouistiti de Geoffroy
Callithrix geoffroyi
White-fronted Marmoset, Geoffroy's Marmoset, Geoffroy's Tufted-ear Marmoset
Callithrix humilis
Black-crowned Dwarf Marmoset
Callithrix acariensis
Rio Acarí Marmoset
Callithrix emiliae
Snethlage's Marmoset

Callithrix manicorensis
Manicore Marmoset
Callithrix mauesi
Rio Maues Marmoset, Maues Marmoset
Callithrix nigriceps
Black-headed Marmoset
Callithrix saterei
Satere Marmoset
  Callithrix argentata
  Ouistiti argenté, Ouistiti Melanure
Callithrix argentata argentata
Black-Tailed Marmoset, Silvery Marmoset, Silvery Monkey
Callithrix argentata marcai
Marca's Marmoset
Callithrix argentata leucippe
Golden-white Bare-ear Marmoset
Callithrix argentata melanura
Black-tailed Marmoset
  Callithrix humeralifer
    Ouistiti à Camail
Callithrix humeralifer humeralifer
Santarem Marmoset, Tassel-Eared Marmoset, Black and White Tassel-ear Marmoset, White-Shouldered Marmoset, Golden Marmoset, Silky Marmoset, Yellow-Legged Marmoset
Callithrix humeralifer chrysoleucus
Golden-white Tassel-ear Marmoset
Callithrix humeralifer intermedius
Aripuanã Marmoset
  Ouistiti mignon, Ouistiti pygmé
Cebuella pygmaea
Pygmy Marmoset
Tamarin aux mains rousses
Saguinus midas
Midas Tamarin, Red-Handed Tamarin, Golden-Handed Tamarin, Rufous-Handed Tamarin, Lacepede's Tamarin
Tamarin bicolore
Saguinus bicolor
Bare-Faced Tamarin, Pied Bare-face Tamarin, Pied Tamarin, Brazilian Bare-Faced Tamarin
Tamarin (ou pinché) à crête blanche
Saguinus oedipus
Cotton-top Tamarin, Pinche Marmoset, Cotton-Head Tamarin, Cotton-Tops, Liszt Monkey
Tamarin (ou pinché) de Geoffroy
Saguinus geoffroyi
Geoffroy's Tamarin, Rufous-Naped Tamarin
Saguinus graellsi
Rio Napo Tamarin, Graell's Black-mantle Tamarin
  Tamarin aux pieds blancs
Saguinus leucopus
White-footed Tamarin, Silvery-brown Bare-faced Tamarin, Silvery-brown Bare-face Tamarin
Saguinus inustus
Mottle-faced Tamarin
Saguinus niger
Black-handed Tamarin

Saguinus tripartitus
Golden-mantled Tamarin, Golden-mantle Saddle-back Tamarin
  Tamarin Negre
Saguinus tamarin
Negro Tamarin
  Saguinus nigricollis
Saguinus nigricollis nigricollis
Spix's Black Mantle Tamarin, Black-Mantle Tamarin, Black-Mantled Tamarin, Black-and-Red Tamarin
Saguinus nigricollis hernandezi
Hernández-Camacho's Black Mantle Tamarin
  Saguinus mystax
  Tamarin à moustaches
Saguinus mystax mystax
Moustached Tamarin
    Tamarin a Calotte Rousse
Saguinus mystax pileatus
Red-Capped Tamarin
Saguinus mystax pluto
White-rump Mustached Tamarin
  Saguinus fuscicollis
  Tamarin rouge et noir
Saguinus fuscicollis fuscicollis
Spix's Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis avilapiresi
Ávila Pires' Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis crandalli
Crandall's Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis cruzlimai
Cruz Lima's Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis fuscus
Lesson's Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis illigeri
Illiger's Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis lagonotus
Red-mantle Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis leucogenys
Andean Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis melanoleucus
White Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis nigrifrons
Geoffroy's Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis primitivus
Saddle-back Tamarin
Saguinus fuscicollis weddelli
Weddell's Saddle-back Tamarin
  Saguinus labiatus
  Tamarin labié
Saguinus labiatus labiatus
Red-bellied Tamarin, Red-chested Tamarin, Red-chested Mustached Tamarin
Saguinus labiatus rufiventer
Saguinus labiatus thomasi
Thomas' Mustached Tamarin
  Saguinus imperator
  Tamarin empereur
Saguinus imperator imperator
Black-chinned Emperor Tamarin
Saguinus imperator subgrisescens
Bearded Emperor Tamarin
  Saguinus martinsi
Saguinus martinsi martinsi
Martin's Bare-face Tamarin
Saguinus martinsi ochracues
Ochraceous Bare-face Tamarin
Tamarin-lion de Caixa, Tamarin lion à face noire
Leontopithecus caissara
Black-faced Lion Tamarin
  Tamarin-lion à croupe dorée
Leontopithecus chrysopygus
  Leontopithecus rosalia
  Tamarin-lion doré, Petit singe lion, tamarin-lion
Leontopithecus rosalia rosalia
Golden Lion Tamarin, Lion Tamarin
  Tamarin-lion à tête dorée
Leontopithecus rosalia chrysomelas
Golden-headed Lion Tamarin
Leontopithecus rosalia chrysopygus
Golden-rumped Lion Tamarin, Black Lion Tamarin
Tamarin de Goeldi, Tamarin Sauteur
Callimico goeldii
Goeldi's Monkey, Goeldi's Marmoset, Goeldi's Tamarin